Monday, December 13, 2010

WEEKS FIFTY - FIFTY-TWO: December 13 - Christmas Post - Final Post

This is my final post on this blog.
The year is almost over....already!!

I have decided not to do it again next year.
My $5 each week was coming from NOT buying magazines and with a royal wedding imminent, I'll need to buy magazines again next year!
And I plan to give in other ways.
This blog was a way for me to give to a variety of charities, while at the same time, raising awareness and possibly encouraging others to donate as well.
It didn't quite have the impact I was hoping for, but I hope it did some good.

There are 3 weeks left so I'm putting them together for a triple Christmas donation to a very special cause.

The charity I have chosen to give $15 to for my final post is

Anyone with kids, and those without, must feel for any child (and their familiy) who has to spend Christmas in hospital. This is a charity I love to donate to at Christmas time.  They have a variety of ways you can give...

You can give to the B105 Appeal (which is officially over but you can still donate)
You can give to the Regional Radio Appeal
You can give to the Kids Christmas Appeal
or you can sponsor a bauble

As we live in a regional area, I'm giving to the Regional Radio Appeal.

Please join me.

Thanks to those who followed this journey for the year.



Anonymous said...

I only discover this on your last entry..very good concept. i have no money to give this year but i have started a monthly 'cause' thing in my blog, i think it can be fun to share more serious things too. :)

innerbeam said...

What a great idea for a blog, good on you!

Nerdycomputergirl said...

Congrats Thea,
I'm sure your donations have been received gratefully by some very worthy charities this year.

And that you haven't missed much by not buying magazines!

donate car charity los angeles said...

I'm happy you made it to donate your money. Keep it up!

Enid Bite'Em said...

What a good idea (even if I did discover it only 2 years later!!). I think there should be more blogs like this one :)